Crystal Healing – Practitioners Course


Are you interested in working with crystals in a holistic healing practice, but don’t know where to start? Are you an energy or holistic healer who wants to incorporate crystals in your practice? Whether you are completely new to working with crystals or an experienced healer who wants to incorporate crystal healing in their practice, this course is for you.



In this course, I will teach you all the fundamentals of crystal healing. From understanding what crystals are and what they do, experiencing the energies of a number of different crystals, through to working with subtle energy and colour, techniques for clearing, grounding, building & strengthening, and expansion. You will learn about layouts, grids and crystal nets. How and why they work and the scared geometry that is fundamental to crystal healing. This course is practical and hands-on, with many opportunites to see and experience how crystal healing works in a controlled environment. This course grants the unique opportunity of learning the science behind the energy healing practice.

Certificates will be issued upon completion of the assessment portion of the course.

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3 Days

Workshop Dates:

5, 12 & 26 October 2019


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