Dalmatian Jasper


Dalmatian Jasper is a protective and healing stone on many levels. It should be used long-term as its energies are slow but effective. It counteracts disillusion, cynicism and scepticism. Dalmatian Jasper is remarkably successful for calming, training and healing pets, especially dogs; if you would like to turn your love of dogs into a profession; for dog breeders, trainers, dog handlers in any field and those who rescue injured or abandoned animals.

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Pale grey, cream or beige brown microcrystalline quartz with dark spots which resembles the coat of the dog with the same name.

Physical Benefits:

Thought to boost the immune system and remove toxins; muscles, tendons and cartilage (also helps prevent strains and muscle spasms), bowel disorders particularly IBS, constipation, skin problems and allergic rashes.

Emotional Healing:

If life has become a burden and you have lost all sense of joy, wearing or carrying Dalmatian Jasper reawakens a sense of fun and humour from within; an anti-smoking crystal.


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Black, Brown, Grey

Stone Types

Polished Gallet (1-4cm)


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