Distant Reiki Session


Standard Reiki session, where the healing is done remotely, without the client being physically present and sent to the intended recipient.

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An appointment is scheduled between the client and the Reiki Master for the distant healing treatment and the connection is confirmed before the start of the distant reiki treatment.

In your own sacred space. you lie down, or simply find a space to relax without being disturbed; and the energetic connection takes place as the Reiki Master connects and holds the energetic connection. Each person’s experience is unique to them.

At the end of your distant Reiki treatment the Reiki Master will reveal the impressions (visions and feelings) that came up during the distant healing through after the session by the pre-agreed means, i.e. skype, phone or email.

The distant reiki treatment is very beneficial if you live in a different city from Pretoria, South Africa and also works well for people that are not able to get away from work during the week. It is suitable for anyone not able to make the standard appointment times and is highly recommended even for anyone that is sick in hospital.

The distant reiki treatment can be done in the evening or during the day depending on availability.

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45 Minutes


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