Moss Agate


Moss Agate can be a bridge for connecting with your Higher Self and the Kingdoms of Nature, because it can increase the flow of Unconditional Love into your subtle bodies. It can be placed on the solar plexus or thymus gland to aid you in receiving additional life-force energies for healing and well-being. The essence can be taken before a meditation or a walk in the woods, to prepare you and help you to release fears of the unknown. You can also try moss agate when you are working to heal your “inner child”.

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Moss Agate is not technically a true Agate, because it is not banded. It is a chalcedony (microcrystalline quartz) with dendritic inclusions of moss-colored green minerals. Spots of red also occur in some specimens. Moss Agates vary widely in colour and pattern.

Physical Benefits:

May relieve colds, flu and other viral illnesses and boosts immune system; improve bone marrow; assist in childbirth to reduce pain and speed delivery; speed recovery from illness; protect against low blood sugar and dehydration, pulse and heartbeat irregularities, circulation, treat fungal and skin infections; act as an anti-inflammatory.

Emotional Healing:

Moss Agate is a crystal of new beginnings and the growth of regrowth of trust, releasing old fears, creating a new purpose of life and reconnecting with the world after a period of withdrawal or disillusion. It assists one in bringing peace and stability to the emotional body.


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Heart, Root


Green, White

Stone Types

Polished Tumbled (1-3cm)


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