Sardonyx has long been used as a protection against break-ins. Sardonyx is a lucky talisman for legal matters and obtaining justice, especially over money or property. Sardonyx helps give you courage without aggressiveness.



Sardonyx is a chalcedony (microcystalline quartz) as a combination of brown carnelian (sard) and black onyx. This batch is mudstone with sardonyx layers.

Physical Benefits:

Part of an ancient cure for hangovers in combination with amethyst. May help with impotence, sterility, lungs, spine, chronic back pain, bowel issues, prostate and bladder problems, kidney and urinary-tract infections, cleanses the whole system of blockages and impurities, parasites of all kinds, septicaemia, HIV and AIDs, feet and legs.

Emotional Healing:

Removes a sense of helplessness and victim mentality, lifts depression and encourages action to make overdue changes.


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Black, Brown

Stone Types

Raw Large (3-5cm)


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