Turquoise Chip


Turquoise acts as a genuine strengthener for all systems of the body, and offers protection from harm by ensuring a high level of energy function. The effects of environmental pollution and negativity are reduced and, as with many green- and turquoise-coloured stones, psychic sensitivity and connection with the spirit world are enhanced.



Opaque stone, hydrous phosphate of aluminium and copper, coloured from sky-blue, blue-green to apple-green. Single string, small crystal chips.

Physical Benefits:

Turquoise stimulates the subtle energies of the thymus gland, midway between the heart and throat, an area which plays an important part in the body’s immune system. Assists in dealing with problems of the brain, eyes, ears, neck and throat, respiratory and lung disorders, viral infections, migraines and headaches, allergies such as hay fever, arthritis, rheumatism; and problems with balance.

Emotional Healing:

Calms the mind and eases depression; for jet lag and fears of flying; good for empowering yourself if you feel like a victim or suffer from prejudice or bullying.

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Heart, Throat



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Anklet, Small Chip Bracelet


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