Aquamarine moves energy quickly, dissolving blocks and barriers. Aquamarine clears negative emotions, replacing them with optimism. It directs inspiration toward practical goals and empowers those who lack courage or self-belief.

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Aquamarine is a blue beryl, named for the resemblance of its colour to seawater. It is an aluminium beryl silicate thst gets its colour from traces of iron. Colour ranges from pale green to blue-green.

Physical Benefits:

Aquamarine is believed to be useful for throat infections and voice loss, teeth and gum problems, bladder, kidneys, cystitis, lymph glands and fluid retention, colds, bronchitis and other upper respiratory difficulties, body and mouth odour, sunburn, helpful in hot climates to keep cool. The stone works with the immune system to strengthen the body’s defences.

Emotional Healing:

Calms perpetually angry or bad-tempered people, mood swings and excessive toddler and teenage tantrums, heals the effects of over-judgemental parents who set impossible standards and panic attacks that linger as guilt and inadequacy in adulthood.

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Heart, Throat


Blue, Green, Turquoise

Stone Types

Raw Small (0-1.5cm), Raw Medium (1.5-3cm), Raw Large (3-5cm), Raw X-Large (5-10cm)


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