Haematitic Quartz


Haematitic Quartz, also known as Eisen Quartz,stimulates creative inspirations and sexual energies. It reminds one of one’s spiritual freedom, and encourages one to take risks that lead to creative and/or romantic fulfilment.

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Ferruginous quartz that is more or less evenly colored in yellow, red or brown tones by inclusions of iron compounds, usually iron oxides and hydrous iron oxides. This batch is clearbquartz with haematite phantoms in the crystals.

Physical Benefits:

Eisen Quartz supports the immune system, sexual organs and digestive system. Said to help with blood disorders, particularly of red blood cells, the absorption of iron and other minerals, blood clots, circulation.

Emotional Healing:

Eisen Quartz can be a remedy for discouragement or ‘stuck’ emotions.


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Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus


Brown, Red, Yellow`

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