Prasiolite Amethyst


From Zambia.

Prasiolite has all the inherent healing and balancing qualities of amethyst, with the additional regeneration, fertility, health-giving and rebirth properties of the colour green. Use prasiolite therefore for small miracles, fertility later in life, love when you had given up hope, employment when there are few jobs around and the odds are stacked against you, and healing when the prognosis is not good. Pasiolite is the bridge between the physical body and the mind and spirit.


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Green quartz, end stage of amethyst exposed to heat / radiation in a reducing environment. Olive green to pale yellow-green colours.

Physical Benefits:

Thought to trigger the immune system and balance the endocrine glands, may relieve burns, scalds and abrasions of all kinds, eczema and allergic rashes.

Emotional Healing:

For replacing extreme dieting or excessive exercise regimes with more moderate healthy lifestyle; helpful for obese children and pets who need gradual weight reduction.


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Green, Purple

Stone Types

Raw Medium (1.5-3cm)


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